How I work


I provide a compassionate yet challenging fully confidential counselling service that works with you on any issues and problems you bring. I use my integrity, intuition and intention to help you reach the core of your issues and fulfill your potential.


As a Humanistic and Integrative Counsellor,

I view the whole of you as being important - body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul. The space is yours to talk about whatever you need to express. I listen with all of myself to all that you are saying with your words, gestures and feelings. This attention to the here and now keeps the work we are doing together very much alive.


Talking about your current problems may lead us to make links with unresolved events from the past. Often these are continuing to impact on you in the present. Exploring these past events, such as abuse, trauma, bereavement, can result in resolving and healing them, so that they can be laid to rest.


Because we are all different and unique, you will find me flexible in my approach as we meander through your issues together, I will always provide a safe, holding environment and be led by you, the client.